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This is actually a really good point. I say with all sincerity that Kaepernick should be applauded for his courage. What difference does it make if “arcane flag etiquette” is being disrespected when there’s a problem with systemic racism? If young black men are getting disproportionately gunned down by the police, why should they bow and scrape to what they see as a symbol of oppression?

The answer, of course, is that there isn’t a problem with systemic racism, since that’s a fiction made up by the left, and so is the police brutality. Backed only by viral videos (anecdotal evidence) and flawed studies by leftist researchers looking for a certain answer. Conservatives are, for the most part, afraid to say this obvious truth. But if they’re afraid to say Kaepernick is wrong, they’re tacitly approving the left-wing narratives of white privilege and social justice and every other leftist construct that prevents impoverished minorities from entering the middle class. And if we’re tacitly approving these narratives while ALSO getting bent out of shape about the anthem, we look ridiculous.

Colin Kaepernick does lack respect, but the bigger problem is that he lacks the ability to think. Poor bastard.

That’s why I prefer to just say what I believe without worrying about whether or not people think I’m a bigot. For minorities to increase their wealth would do nothing but help the country, and help the kind of people I’d like to see get elected, so I have a vested interest in seeing these lies demolished. Plus I consider myself a sympathetic person, especially towards mah fellow ‘Muricans.


Tark Marg

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Fascinating thinker from India with a keen interest in the evolving West:

From the introduction to his post entitled The Rise and Decline of the West: Why and Whereupon:

The primary distinguishing feature of the West, especially England, which allowed it [to] rise from relative obscurity on the periphery of Eurasia to a position of global domination, the reason why this article is written in English and not another language, is the massive advancement in scientific, technological and industrial development that began in England and spread to Europe somewhat later. This industrial prowess, inevitably translated into geopolitical power, allowed the West, especially England, to thrust itself onto the global stage and consciousness.

Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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A Colombian thinker, tragically little known in the US, and to myself as well until recently. Nearly 3,000 of his aphorisms are translated into English here:


“The secret longing of every civilized society is not to abolish inequality, but to educate it.”

“The fragments of the past that survive embarrass the modern landscape in which they stand out.”

“Man never calculates the price of any comfort he gains.”

“The vice which afflicts the right is cynicism, and that which afflicts the left is deceit.”

Cussing in Front of Your Kids

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Downer post, and kind of long, but I felt like writing it. I read somewhere that, in the age of social media, everyone thinks they have a voice that needs to be heard; the implication being that, no, they really don’t. Sadly, I am one of those idiots.

This author probably meant no harm and may not deserve this judgment of her work, but what she’s written needs to be examined and, in my opinion, obliterated. Read on for some curmudgeonly hatred. I even use a few judicious swear words in keeping with the theme!

See, I share this as an example of the kind of self-contradictory mindless horseshit that passes for thought nowadays. We’re a generation full of guilt and shame about our parenting, so we gravitate toward what will make us feel better about it. Knowing that our parents and grandparents were generally better than us, we rationalize our declining standards–on our couches with our iPhones while our kids are wondering if maybe we don’t like them very much. We have no curiosity about the WHY of what our ancestors did–we assume that if they did something differently, or with more difficulty, it must have been just, like, so stupid! Hey friends, feeling guilty about something? No problemo, so do all these people on Facebook, and whaddaya know, the consensus seems to be we’ve got nothing to feel guilty about, after all! What a relief!

For any that care to see what I’m talking about, click on this smelly turd of a link. In it, you’ll learn from what passes as a scholar in 2015 that children are swearing at a younger and younger age these days (probably true). The author will then guide you through the psychological and emotional benefits of swearing. Then, she takes a massive bong hit (I think) and wonders who came up with the list of cuss words. She forgets to delete this pointless aside before she hits “Publish” on WordPress. Since marijuana is increasingly decriminalized, I choose this explanation rather than run-of-the-mill idiocy, Occam’s Razor be damned.

Anyway, that concludes the part of the article that tells you everything you already know about cursing, and begins the part where all of that is dismantled by the author’s complete contradiction of everything she just wrote. She swears in front of her kids, you see, and so ought you, so that their POWER is taken away, and when the other kids are whispering furtively to each other as they discover the “f-word”, her kids will, like, be over it already. Her empty head doesn’t have the foresight to understand that the taboo nature of these words, given to her as a gift from her entire lineage, will be denied to her own children.

What’s most likely is that she tried not to cuss in front of her kids and realized she had no self-control, and said “eh, screw it, it’s probably better for them anyway, rob these awesome irreplaceable words of their power anyway, holy shit I’m smart, I’m gonna blog my thoughts.”

To extend this line of reasoning to other behaviors we want to delay for as long as possible in our kids, how about Rated R movies? How about Porn? Beer? Marijuana? Taking a dump with the door open? Cheating on our taxes? Maybe our kids should see it all, and rob everything of their “power”! Maybe everything we ever thought we knew about parenting was wrong!

Every word of this piece filled me with disgust and contempt, but I would have just ignored it were it not for this part toward the end. I QUOTE:

I don’t want to raise children who shudder at the use of the F-word but have no problem using words like “hate” or “ugly” to describe someone else or themselves. I want my children to cringe when hateful words are used and directed at other people…It’s what feels good and right to me

Oh, BRAVO lady. I guess those of us trying to extend our children’s period of innocence, at least beyond the stage when they shit where they stand, aren’t already doing that. Yep, hate and bile and bullying your schoolmates, that’s the regular folks’ way! Why, it was the way of the world, before the year 2015 came along and showed us all the light! People that teach their kids not to use cuss words, why, they just like to sit with them in the mall and laugh at the overweight together, and anyone else who looks different!

It’s the old “I may get drunk in front of my kids, but I still make them breakfast the next day, and isn’t that what really matters?” Nope, not really! But go tell it to Huffington Post. I’m sure you’ll get the validation you’re looking for.

So much of the criticism of Common Core I read on Facebook and Twitter is beside the point. Anyone with an ounce of sense can see how dumb the math problems are. But let’s pretend they aren’t stupid. Let’s pretend I’M stupid and YOU’RE stupid for not seeing how great they are.

Even if you read Huffington Post and Vox and you’re very smart for doing so and your opinions would be well-received at cocktail parties located in places like Manhattan and Georgetown, and you’re very much smarter than those dummies from high school that just don’t get it: it doesn’t matter. You’re still wrong, and here’s why: The massive and widespread hatred from parents is the end of the argument. The body has rejected your medicine and your idiotic appeals to “learning different methods” mean nothing in the light of the cold fact that hate-hives have broken out all over the damn place and they’re not going away. Whatever dubious benefits you think exist are more than offset by today’s parents hating math homework as much as their kids do, by parents feeling stupid and useless while their children are still seven years old (gosh honey, wish I could help you with your second grade math homework, but I’m not clairvoyant). I hate Common Core. I hate Common Core. O sweet Lord save me from the hate in my heart I have for Common Core.

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The lad is regurgitating what he’s read on social media. These are almost certainly not his experiences, by observation or even by reliable anecdote. I wouldn’t dismiss it all, but if this kid’s about 21 or 22, he’s describing a world that didn’t exist when he was growing up. For whatever small portion of this that isn’t drivel, it’s made up for by a public school system designed for girls and run by women.

The fact is that males have better aptitude for STEM fields and therefore greater interest. The bell curve for male math/science ability extends further in both directions, making men both the worst at math and also the best.

Beta knight letter to editor

Mass Shootings

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Lost in the debates over gun restrictions, mental health, and whatever else is bandied about as a cure for mass shootings, is something that would actually deter these crimes. It’s an old-fashioned, martial concept–it’s called defending ourselves. Whether you’re armed or not. You might die, but you’ll die anyway, and what old man leaking into a bed pan at the age of 90 wouldn’t trade it all for a chance to die heroically, or better yet, charge at death itself and come out of it alive.

That’s what this guy did, and now he’s a hero. The fact that he’s a veteran is irrelevant. Anyone could have charged that shooter, and servicemen don’t have a monopoly on courage. If a few more guys joined Chris Mintz, we might be reading about fewer victims and more heroes. Obama could hardly stand up there and rent his clothing over the situation if it turned out to be another United Flight 93.

From Selma to Stonewall

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With the release of Roland Emmerich’s film Stonewall about to be released, the cultural left is up-in-arms over the casting of a white kid in the starring role, even though (seemingly synonymous with “colored people”) people of color were there, too.

For those that are as fascinated as I am that the gay rights movement can co-opt the black civil rights movement with no resistance, this is an enlightening video from Eric Holmberg that compares and contrasts Selma and Stonewall. It’s no wonder that old people are less than enamored with the gay rights movement. They probably remember actual things.

Obama’s Ass: Kicked

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Oh, that was sweet. I didn’t realize how sweet it would be. All day I’ve been bummed that the Orioles are going from an AL East title to the 2nd wild card spot.

Who knew a debate could lift my spirits. Before I watched it, I didn’t care who won or lost. Obama vs. Romney. May as well be Steelers vs. Patriots. I hate both of those teams. Now, I’ll watch, gladly, because it means someone will lose. And there’s the possibility that one team is totally humiliated.

Obama was totally humiliated, and oh was it sweet. It was like that delicious cake frosting that’s, like, whipped cream. Frothy, not cloying. And to continue the football analogy, Obama’s the Steelers here. I hate them more. I really do. And watching the Obama/Romney debate was like watching the Patriots whip the Steelers’ asses, 34-3. Complete domination.

Here’s a sitting president, who broke every campaign promise he ever made, and whose ass has been kissed for four years by a compliant media.  He got scolded by someone not named Michelle. “You’ve had four years to cut the deficit in half! Instead you nearly doubled it!” Tomorrow, I’ll remember the ways in which Romney sucks, but tonight, I go to bed smiling at how much he pissed off Obama, with 50 million people watching.

Tax Money for Obama’s Campaign

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The Hill has a story of clear corruption from the Obama administration. The defense industry is facing layoffs if a new budget isn’t passed by January 3rd. For those facing layoffs, the WARN Act requires that they be notified 60 days in advance.

Obama’s campaign must not want these notices to go out. Guidance from the White House has gone out to the heads of the federal government agencies. The document is instructing them to tell defense contractors to ignore the law.

The problem with ignoring this law is that non-compliance leaves contractors open to potential litigation from affected workers, or possibly fines. What am I, a lawyer? The point is, there will be litigation costs. In this document, the White House is promising that any such litigation costs will be covered by the government. Let’s go through the whole ridiculous memo:


September 28, 2012

Gotcha, came from the Administration yesterday.


SUBJECT: Guidance on Allowable Contracting Costs Associated with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act

Two Obama officials sending a message to all the other bigshots that hold the purse strings, ten-four. The bigshots are to pass along this information to the contractors. We’re following.

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, 29 U.S.C. §§ 2101-2109, generally {emphasis mine} requires employers with at least 100 employees to provide written notice to affected employees 60 days before ordering certain plant closings or mass layoffs if they are reasonably foreseeable. On July 30, 2012, the Department of Labor (DOL), which is the Federal agency responsible for administering the WARN Act, issued Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 3-12 addressing the WARN Act’s requirements in the context of the potential across-the­-board budget cuts (known as sequestration) scheduled to occur on January 2, 2013 if Congress fails to act.

OK, so you’ve already been over this with the contractors. Remind us what that was about again?

DOL concluded that it is neither necessary nor appropriate for Federal contractors to provide WARN Act notice to employees 60 days in advance of the potential sequestration because of uncertainty about whether sequestration will occur and, if it did, what effect it would have on particular contracts, among other factors.

Oh that’s right, you told them to act against their and their workers’ best interests so that WARN Act notices wouldn’t go out in an election year. That was really underhanded and corrupt. Now intelligent observers knew what this ploy was for. It was guidance to skirt the law to protect Obama. What was the official explanation, though? I forget.

In reaching this conclusion, DOL explained that giving notice in these circumstances would waste States’ resources in undertaking employment assistance activities where none are needed and creaty unnecessary anxiety and uncertainty for workers.

OK, so you didn’t want to create a big ol’ ruckus, gettin’ people all bent out of shape just to comply with some silly law. Totally understandable way of thinking, in a soulless bureaucrat sort of way!

Despite DOL’s guidance, some contractors have indicated they are still considering issuing WARN Act notices…

You already told them it was cool to possibly break the law, and they’re still hesitant. Bush and Clinton didn’t pull this kind of stuff, so they’re a little concerned, naturally.

,…and some have inquired about whether Federal contracting agencies would cover WARN Act-related costs in connection with the potential sequestration.

Oh OK, so they don’t mind breaking the law, but…will the fines they have to pay to the federal government be added to the BILL THEY SEND TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT?

To further minimize the potential for waste and disruption associated with the issuance of unwarranted
layoff notices; this memorandum provides guidance regarding the allowability of certain liability and litigation costs associated with WARN Act compliance. Specifically, if (1) sequestration occurs and an agency terminates or modifies a contract that necessitates that the contractor order a plant closing or mass layoff of a type subject to WARN Act requirements, and (2) that contractor has followed a course of action consistent with DOL guidance; then any resulting
employee compensation costs for WARN Act liability as determined by a court, as well as attorneys’ fees and other litigation costs (irrespective of litigation outcome), would qualify as allowable costs and be covered by the contracting agency, if otherwise reasonable and allocable.

So yes, any costs they incur from ignoring the law can be passed onto the government. That’s terrific.

This guidance does not alter existing rights, responsibilities, obligations, or limitations under individual contract provisions or the governing cost principles set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and other applicable law. Thus, agencies may treat as allowable other costs potentially associated with sequestration, including WARN Act-related costs arising under circumstances not specified .in this guidance, based on the usual cost principles of allocability, allowability, and reasonableness as set forth in the FAR.

So the contractors are being absolutely assured that breaking the law will not cost them a penny. It will be passed on to the taxpayer.

That was the entire memo, in full context.

Obama is a terrible president and he has to go.